Ranking the NBA’s Top 10 Free Agents This Summer

Whether your favorite NBA team is set to embark on a playoff run and chase after the Larry O’Brien Trophy or is gearing up for an offseason spent with Ping-Pong balls and lottery picks, you can already start looking forward to free agency. And this summer’s class is loaded with high-level talents and huge names, so feel free to best deals on nfl jerseys dream big.

But based on their levels of performance throughout the 2017-18 campaign and their current status in the ceaseless battle with Father Time, who’s going to sit atop the crop?

To objectively determine the standings, we’re turning to a modified version of the formula for Player Score us womens nike nfl jerseys ed in previous articles.5f1d4672fcbc408d2eb534a118f9df7f_crop_exact

For every player in the NBA who’s logged even a single minute during 2017-18, we pulled scores in four different overarching metrics: NBA Math’s total points added (TPA), ESPN.com’s real plus/minus wins (RPM Wins), player efficiency rating (PER) and win shares (WS). The first two look at volume/efficiency combinations, while the third focuses on per-possession effectiveness and favors offensive production. The fourth element rewards those whose individual merits lead to more victories. cheap real nfl jerseys Volume and time on the court matter more than they might in other evaluations.

This time around, we also included current age as a fifth metric. Older players are less valuable in free agency than nike nfl jersey differences their younger counterparts, though some exceptions obviously still exist.

To standardize five numbers that operate on drastically different scales, we found the z-scores in each category and summed them to where to find nfl jerseys find a player’s total score. The cumulative z-scores are all that matter for these selections, which focus entirely on work during this season.

LeBron James Says He’ll Ditch Social Media Again for 2018 NBA Playoffs

CLEVELAND — In a year that has included team meetings, midseason trades and an ailing head coach, LeBron James has spurned rest and instead suited up for every regular-season game. He’s on track to play all 82 games for the first time in his career, and he’s doing it at a level that has garnered plenty of MVP discussion.buy nfl jerseys in bulk

If he is willing to deviate from the plans of seasons past, would he be willing to deviate from his standard postseason routine of unplugging from social media?

No chance, said The King in advance of the Cavs’ final regular-season game against the jerseys nfl jerseys New York Knicks.hi-res-1ad0f7c2cf0274aba30b791edf0f8998_crop_north

“My focus hasn’t changed,” James told Bleacher Report of this year’s upcoming hiatus. “[The current social media climate] doesn’t matter to me. We all know how this season has been. With our ball club and all the noise that’s either irrelevant or relevant—whatever the case may be—for me, maintaining my focus hasn’t changed.”best deals on nfl jerseys

In film circles, “Zero Dark Thirty” is an award-winning film that dramatized the decadelong hunt for Osama bin Laden. In NBA circles, a slightly altered term carries an entirely different meaning.

“Zero Dark Thirty-23” is code for LeBron James’ annual disengagement from his social media channels. James typically brings notice to this dark period by posting an image that serves as his final moment of connectivity to the social media world. It can be a simple as a tweet and a hashtag, or an elaborate artistic rendering of James melded with a lion’s head.womens nike nfl jerseys  It becomes the subject of television segments and is even the name of a new sneaker.cheap real nfl jerseys